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We use our unique geoscience capabilities and understanding of the global hydrocarbon endowment to identify and prioritize all quality resources.

Banyu Urip oil field

The Banyu Urip oil field is the first development under the Cepu Block contract area, involving the development of the Banyu Urip oil field where a discovery of an estimated 450 million barrels of oil was announced in April 2001.

Today, we continue to see excellent reservoir performance and based on our technical assessment, have increased more than double from 450 MBO gross at FID to 940 MBO today. Currently, the Banyu Urip oil field is able to produce up to 230,000 barrels of oil per day or contributing around 30 percent to the country’s national oil production. This makes EMCL as the biggest oil producer in Indonesia.

Early production facilities

First oil production from the Banyu Urip field commenced in December 2008 through the Early Production Facility (EPF) which began the production of 20,000 barrels of oil per day in August 2009. Through innovation and excellence in project management, production was increased to over 80,000 barrels per day by the time of the full field start-up in 2015.

Full field development

Full field development consists of the Central Processing Facilities (CPF), onshore and offshore pipelines, a Floating Storage and Offloading (FSO) facility, as well as supporting infrastructure facilities. The CPF, situated about 10 km southeast of Cepu and 20 km southwest of Bojonegoro in the center of the oil field, will process and treat the crude oil produced by our operations. The treated oil is then transported through a 20 inch wide, 72 km long pipeline to the coast of Tuban and thereafter, through a 23 km subsea pipeline to the FSO facility. Oil transport tankers then load crude oil from the FSO for transport to domestic and international markets.

Five major Engineering, Procurement and Construction contracts were awarded to five Indonesian-led consortium companies in 2011. This was marked by a groundbreaking ceremony for the commencement of full field development, with the first fully Indonesian-built drilling rigs set upon two separate well pads. By 2014, both onshore and offshore pipelines were completed and the FSO Gagak Rimang was safely installed on offshore Tuban. In 2015, the first commercial oil lifting from the Banyu Urip project was commenced in April. Later in December 2015, the startup of the onshore CPF was conducted safely, enabling the increase of production towards peak production in 2016.