Cepu block

The Cepu Cooperation Contract (KKS) was signed on 17 September 2005 and covers the Cepu contract area in Central Java and East Java. ExxonMobil Cepu Limited (EMCL), Ampolex Cepu PTE LTD., PT Pertamina EP Cepu and four local government companies, PT Sarana Patra Hulu Cepu (Central Java), PT Asri Dharma Sejahtera (Bojonegoro), PT Blora Patragas Hulu (Blora) and PT Petrogas Jatim Utama Cendana (East Java) together constitute the Contractor under the Cepu KKS.


Cepu block

ExxonMobil holds 45 per cent of the total participating interest in the Cepu Block. The Cepu KKS will continue until 2035. A Joint Operating Agreement (JOA) was entered into by the contractor parties. ExxonMobil serves as the operator of the Cepu KKS on behalf of the contractor.

Cepu project development and production is expected to have a positive impact on other industries and local communities in Java through increased economic output, jobs, and community development projects.

Banyu Urip project

The Banyu Urip project is the first development under the Cepu contract area with an estimated 450 million barrels of oil was announced in April 2001. At planned peak production, Banyu Urip produces as much as 165,000 barrels of oil per day. First oil production from the Banyu Urip field commenced in December 2008 through the Early Production Facility (EPF) which began the production of 20,000 barrels of oil per day in August 2009.

Full field development

Full field development consists of Central Processing Facilities (CPF), onshore and offshore pipelines and a floating storage and offloading facility. The CPF, situated about 10 km southeast of Cepu and 20 km southwest of Bojonegoro in the centre of the oil field, will process and treat the crude oil produced.

Photo — The Central Processing Facility of Banyu Urip field located in Bojonegoro, East Java.

The treated oil will be transported through a new 20 inch insulated buried pipeline to the coast at Tuban and thereafter through a subsea pipeline to a Floating Storage and Offloading (FSO) facility. Oil transportation tankers will load crude oil from the FSO for transportation to domestic and world markets.

Explorations in Cepu Block

In april 2011, EMCL made an additional discovery of oil at the Kedung Kering field in Cepu Block, its second oil find. Kedung Keris well is being developed to produce oil through the Banyu Urip CPF to the FSO. EMCL has also made four gas discoveries on the Cepu Block since exploration commenced in 1999.