Community contributions guideline

ExxonMobil has a long-standing tradition of investing in the community. We are committed to supporting the needs and aspirations of the local people by contributing to programs that improve the quality of life of our neighboring communities. 


The Indonesia program gives priority to those with either a national focus or local community that are located in one of our major areas of operations:

  • Bojonegoro and Tuban Regency (East Java Province)
  • Blora Regency (Central Java Province)
  • Greater Jakarta Area

Priority program interests are:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Economic Empowerment

We seek to fund specific community projects (not general fund raising appeals or discretionary funding) with defined budget items. Projects that demonstrate broad community benefits are highly regarded. We favor projects where the company and the community group can develop a close working relationship.


Our contributions program does not support overseas projects, political donations, religious donations, individuals, private enterprises, international aid, ongoing salaries, one-off campaigns, organization operating costs, projects that are ongoing or capital expenses.

Our contributions program does not cover individual donations. Organizations must be not-for-profit.

We do not support local organizations unless they are geographically located in an area where we have significant facilities or numbers of employees.


Written requests are required. Applications should be sent to one of the following ExxonMobil offices:

ExxonMobil Cepu Limited
ATTN: Public and Government Affairs, Contributions
Post Bag 1400
Jakarta 10014
Fax: (021) 5798-6222

ATTN: Public and Government Affairs, Contributions
Jl. Raya Bojonegoro – Cepu KM. 25
Desa Bonorejo, Kecamatan Gayam
Bojonegoro 62152, Jawa Timur
Fax: (0353) 289 5111

Or, electronically


A funding agreement is required. Community groups receiving support are required to provide a project report on funded activities and an expenditure statement. New recipients may be required to provide a previously audited financial statement and annual report.

Availability of funds

Funds for new projects are limited. Only a small number of new projects can be supported each year as we give preference to our existing successful community partnerships.

General Advice to Contribution Seekers

  • Proposals should be brief - preferably under five pages
  • Photos and maps are helpful in the evaluation process
  • In deciding what to include, do not assume that those who will read the proposal are already acquainted with your organization
  • Provide adequate descriptive and background information on the requesting organization and details on the specific project for which support is requested
  • Tell us why the organization's work is important and who most benefits from it
  • Remember that we receive far more contributions requests than we can possibly honor. As a result, we must often turn down contribution applications that are consistent with the spending priorities of our contributions program and that we believe are quite worthwhile

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