ExxonMobil relief efforts


ExxonMobil relief efforts

Tsunami relief effort

In the wake of the devastating earthquake and resulting tsunami in December 2004 in Aceh Province, ExxonMobil worked with the local governments, relief organizations and health institutions to understand and respond to the needs of the local communities. ExxonMobil provided immediate financial assistance as well as air transportation, food and medical supplies, tarpaulins for refugee shelters and other in-kind necessities.

ExxonMobil also sponsored the construction of temporary houses for people who were left homeless by the tsunami and earthquake in Banda Aceh. In addition, ExxonMobil established the ExxonMobil Aceh Relief Fund, to provide one avenue for charity fund raising from compassionate employees. Worldwide, ExxonMobil and its employees, retirees, dealers and distributors have pledged contributions of US$ 11 million to the Indian Ocean tsunami relief effort.

Yogyakarta earthquake

In 2006, ExxonMobil donated US$ 1.5 million (Rp14 billion) for the rehabilitation program of Yogyakarta and Central Java after the earthquake that jolted the area and caused more than 5,000 fatalities. The donation was focused on education, health and economic development programs. The partners involved in this rehabilitation program are Dompet Dhuafa, Indonesia Red Crescent (BSMI), Pos Keadilan Untuk Umat, Habitat for Humanity and Universitas Gadjah Mada.

East and Central Java flood

Since the outbreak of torrential floods in Bojonegoro and the Blora regencies on 27 December 2007, ExxonMobil has provided emergency relief to the people severely affected by the floods. Working closely with the local government and non-governmental organizations, ExxonMobil provided temporary shelters, basic food supplies, life rafts, mobile medical assistance clinics and clean water assistance.

In addition to the emergency relief assistance, ExxonMobil committed to provide US$ 500,000 for the rehabilitation program to help the significantly affected areas recover to a better life post the disaster. Furthermore, in April 2008 the US$ 500,000 relief aid package immediately went on to support programs such as fogging and abates distribution, mobile health service, health centre revitalization, healthy and clean schools, emergency and disaster preparedness , reducing malnutrition risk, drainage rehabilitation and seed and fertilizer distribution.

West Sumatra earthquake

When two major earthquakes hit Western and Central Sumatra in September and October of 2009, ExxonMobil, partnering with Dompet Dhuafa, immediately began work to rebuild severely damaged elementary schools. ExxonMobil’s investment of US$ 300,000 was supplemented by an additional US$ 18,000 donated by ExxonMobil Indonesia employees.

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