Workforce development

ExxonMobil Indonesia's national workforce has been a key to our business success, as a direct reflection of employee quality.


Workforce development

The success of our business is a direct reflection of the quality of ExxonMobil’s Indonesian workforce.

Since 2007, we have trained 110 operators from neighboring areas in East Java and Central Java - including Bojonegoro, Tuban and Blora regencies where the Banyu Urip project is located. These operators have been trained at ExxonMobil operations around the globe and have now returned to operate the Banyu Urip facilities.

The Banyu Urip project was built by five Indonesian led consortium companies, leveraging 17,000 Indonesian workforce capacity and skills, in which 60 percent are from Bojonegoro and Tuban areas. We were able to maximize the employment opportunities during the construction phase and have provided more than 2,500 basic skill courses.

Long-established programs help employees develop their professional skills. Thus, we work to maintain and nurture a diverse and highly-talented workforce.

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