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Our workforce in Indonesia overview

We believe we have a responsibility to build a legacy of economic progress by maximizing the number of local employment opportunities and by investing in the workforce of our host countries. ExxonMobil Indonesia currently employ over 500 people. Nearly 90 per cent are Indonesians, many of whom are in managerial positions. To support our business, we also use the services of numerous local contractors who, in turn, employ additional Indonesian workers.

ExxonMobil strives to maintain a positive, productive and supportive work environment throughout its operations. Our strategy is to hire national employees over the life span of a project and to train them in the technical skills and expertise necessary for working on existing and future projects and operations. ExxonMobil has long-established programs that help employees develop their skills and we work to maintain and nurture a diverse and highly talented workforce.

In our downstream business, PT ExxonMobil Lubricants Indonesia (PT EMLI) has a wide distributor network. The distributors employ in excess of 1,000 people involved in storage, distribution and selling of Mobil 1 branded lubricants.