Low Carbon Solutions

Low Carbon Solutions focus on commercializing lower emission business opportunities in carbon capture and storage, hydrogen, and lower-emission fuels. They are implemented by leveraging the skills, knowledge, and scale of ExxonMobil. The company has more than 30 years of experience capturing CO2 and has cumulatively captured more anthropogenic CO2 than any other company.  

Lower-carbon technologies, like biofuels, hydrogen-based fuels, and carbon capture and storage (CCS), are crucial for sectors hard to decarbonize, along with wind and solar power. These solutions are pivotal for the energy transition, with their implementation speed depending on policy support, technological progress, and infrastructure development.

Indonesia’s Low Carbon Future

In collaboration with Pertamina, the state-owned energy company for Indonesia, ExxonMobil has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) followed by a Joint Study Agreement (JSA) to assess the prospect of large-scale implementation of low-carbon technologies. The agreement strengthens the decades-long strategic partnership between ExxonMobil and Pertamina. The objective is to advance Indonesia’s net-zero emission ambitions  

Low Carbon Solutions

Low Carbon Solutions is helping to lower emissions by providing solutions to our industrial and commercial customers in growing markets for carbon capture and storage, hydrogen and lower emission fuels.
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