Awarded for a good commitment in using domestic products

Jakarta, 3 May 2017 — at the 2017 National Gas Forum, ExxonMobil Cepu Limited is among the 6 PSCs that received the Cinta Karya Nusantara Award from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources with a "Silver" rating (considered as good). This award is a form of appreciation from the government to oil and gas companies (operator and contractor) for their performance and commitment in increasing the use of domestic products.

The Silver Award was achieved through a successful assessment from an independent surveyor appointed by Directorate General of Oil and Gas. The aspects assessed including aspects of commitment, planning, implementation and reporting in relation to the use of domestic products.

“This award is a testament of our commitment to cultivate trust from our stakeholders and to be the partner of choice wherever we operate” said Area Procurement Manager, Dewi Puspa.