Career opportunities

We are committed to contributing to the sustainable development of our workforce and suppliers in our operations’ surrounding areas. From our former operations in North Aceh to our current operations in East Java, our efforts are exemplified through various capacity-building initiatives.

Our workforce in Indonesia

We believe that people are our greatest assets. The success of our business in Indonesia directly reflects the quality of our workforce. Our upstream operations are supported by more than 450 employees, of which 99 percent are world-class Indonesians.

In 2007, we trained 110 operators from neighboring areas in East Java and Central Java – including Bojonegoro, Tuban, and Blora regencies, where the Banyu Urip project is located. These operators have been trained at ExxonMobil operations around the globe and have now returned to operate Banyu Urip facilities.

What’s more, the Banyu Urip project was built by five Indonesian-led consortium companies. We leverage 17,000 Indonesian workforce capacity and skills, of which 60 percent are from Bojonegoro and Tuban. We optimized the employment opportunities during the construction phase and provided more than 2,500 basic skill courses.

For that reason, the long-established programs help employees expand their professional skills. Thus, we work to support and nurture diverse and highly talented workforces.


ExxonMobil is a dynamic, exciting place to work. We hire exceptional people, and every one of them is empowered to think independently, take initiative and be innovative. We invite you to explore the world of opportunities waiting for you.
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